2020 Year of the Comeback: New paradigm for health


A new decade can bring about many new things and one I think can we all agree is that we desperately need a new paradigm for healthcare on our planet. Or maybe we just need to remember an old system that was discarded.

For it wasn’t that long ago in our history, that we or our ancestors had gardens. They were organic, but they weren’t called organic because there was no need. They were full of a variety of heirloom plants but again, no one thought of them that way.

But along came commercial farming and grocery stores and we gave up our gardens for the convenience of buying our produce. Then along came convenience food and we gave up our produce for the convenience of opening a can or a box. Then along came microwaves and we gave up the molecular structure of our food for the convenience of having it fast.

It also wasn’t long ago in our history that we relied on our body’s natural immunity and its ability to heal itself.  Healthcare practices were supportive of the body’s natural ability to regain health and allowed the time and beneficial support for that to happen. But along came the pharmaceutical industry and we gave up our body’s natural immunity for the lure of the perception that chemically based science would produce better results than our body’s natural immunity. We gave up belief and practice of our body’s natural immunity for the lure of a quick fix despite the side effects, complications and on-going expensive need for pharmaceutical drugs.

It wasn’t that long ago in our history that our air, land and water were pristine and brimming with all the micro-organisms that create and sustain health and vitality in plants, animals and humans. But along came industry and the addition of its toxicity, pollutants and garbage to our air, land and water. We gave up the protection of our environment for the convenience of whatever was being produced.

As a result of just these three factors, we live in a world where our food is Genetically Modified, laced with herbicides and pesticides and irradiated. Our healthcare system uses pharmaceuticals to replace our body’s natural immunity and creates dependence upon its expensive and non-sustainable solutions. Our industry produces products or services while continuing to spew toxins into and around our planet. Our health and our bodies suffer for this.

But this is a new decade, with a new opportunity to begin again and show up in a new way. We are calling for a new paradigm and with that come new ways of showing up in the world. One of the ways I am showing up in my world is by actively engaging in the detoxification of my body.

According to Anthony William in Medical Medium, toxicity is one of the major causes of disease. And according to my earlier prophecy, our livers especially need to release toxicity. This is now the second time I have done the nine day Liver Detoxification as outlined in Medical Medium’s Liver Rescue. I was worried I would be hungry, worried that I would be stuck in the bathroom while detoxing, worried I would be fatigued, but none of that has happened.

What has happened is that I have a new appreciation and understanding for the outstanding health benefits of Nature’s common foods. I have a new respect for my body’s ability to heal. And I have a new respect for just how much healthy and good food I can eat!

There are many people who share pictures of themselves in moments of their finest accomplishment. Like just finishing a marathon, or climbing a mountain. But I am anticipating my moment of fine accomplishment three days from now when I will have consumed ALL THE FOOD IN THIS PICTURE!! Yes! You should be impressed!

But not just impressed with all the food I will be consuming, but impressed with how simple, accessible, affordable, effective and liberating a new healthcare regime can be!!

2020: Year of the Comeback – Come Alive!

“Don’t ask what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive.”

Howard Thurman

What makes you come live? Truly alive. Aliveness you anticipate, savor in the moment and feel such a sense of satisfaction when complete.

To be clear, I am asking about authentic aliveness, an experience you create with friends, family, nature, or a creation of some sort. I am not asking about the artificial variety where you watch someone else have those experiences, or you read about someone else coming alive, or even read about a situation that is calling for people to come alive around it.

This aliveness may be sustained or it may be fleeting, but whatever it is leaves you changed for the better. It is creating art? music? food? Is it tending a garden? A parent? Is it playing with your children? Grandchildren? Animals? How often do you come alive?

For us to be successful at making 2020 the year of the comeback, we MUST come alive. The following are some suggestions (just in time for New Year’s Resolutions) to do exactly that!


If you already know what it is, do more of it! Spend the time and effort to make aliveness part of your personal ‘program’ and work at it until it is self-replicating. If you truly need a boost, here are some suggestions:

  • Get a journal and begin writing and imagining what it might be for you.
  • Spend time in Nature, and totally attune to it. Find a tree and spend time sitting at its base. Become its friend.
  • Make a list of some of the funniest things in your life and laugh about them all over again.
  • Become a master at protecting chunks of time to develop your aliveness if it is a skill you want to learn or practice more. Become another master at finding the pockets of time for singing in the car, chatting with a clerk, or noticing beauty in nature.


Start with one entire day, and put away your cell phone and stay away from all forms of technology. While you do this, note the ‘pull’ from technology and know that it is designed to create the addiction within you. Your dependence is its life (more on Artificial Intelligence later) and your freedom is your life. You know this, right? This New Year, vow to go on a technology diet and reduce your dependence by 10%? 25%? 75%?


Just because we can’t see, hear, feel the electromagnetic impulses doesn’t mean they aren’t infectious and capable of causing physical ailments and disease. Yes, this is contrary to Big Telecomm’s official and defended position, but in my humble experience, this is where truth is usually found.

  • Do NOT keep your cell phone on your body or hold it to your ear while talking.
  • Find special ear buds that block the EMFs.
  • Use a landline.
  • Turn OFF and unplug electronics when not in use.
  • Use wired rather than wireless connections.
  • Research what independent scientists and health professionals are saying about EMFs as well as products that can help block.


Unfortunately, toxins are part of our everyday life. From the foods we eat, the liquids we drink, the plastics they come in, the air we breathe, the radiation and chemicals that surround us, the pills we take, the shots we get, it is a wonder we are still as healthy as we are!

My inspiration for dietary detox is Anthony William ‘The Medical Medium’. From him I have incorporated routine detoxes for the liver, heavy metals, plastics, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, chlorine, fluoride, cleaning solvents and radiation. They are all in the form of wonderfully tasting smoothies and teas. Feel free to find your own source, your body will appreciate everything you do to lighten its load!


Americans are a fraction of the population of the world yet we consume a significant amount of its resources. We can do better AND while we are, we can make our consumption a statement of our values.

  • Explore and experiment with all the ways to reduce consumption.
  • Shop local and keep our dollars in our community.
  • Pay cash or checks to increase the bottom line of our local businesses by avoiding the 2.5%-ish credit card fee. And make it harder for purchases to be tracked.
  • Intentionally research and boycott companies that do not support human values. If we ALL work hard at this, there is power in numbers and it all begins with us.

Hopefully there is something that inspires you to join me in 2020. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! May this year be the Year of our Aliveness!

Mother Nature Christmas Tree!

I regularly hike in the woods and in early December I noticed this tree that someone had de-limbed and was just laying in the woods. The memory of this tree stuck with me it was so out of place in the middle of the untouched woods. There had recently been a storm and as I walked I also noticed all the tree branches lying on the ground. And I had one of those ‘ah-ha’ moments!

I carried the tree to the trail head and began to collect all the broken tree limbs to take home as well. I drilled different sized holes all the way up the tree and assembled my Christmas tree. It took several trips to the woods to gather enough branches to fill all the right requirements and with the addition of moss and fungus and pine cones, viola! I have my 2019 Christmas tree!!

It was such a fun, creative, and satisfying project, I am going to keep my tree trunk for next year as well. During the summer, I plan to keep my eye open for wild weeds I can dry and make more ‘Nature’ ornaments.

I do realize this is posted after Christmas, but it is BEFORE all the trees are thrown away for the season… in case you are so inspired!


Note from Stacy: Okay, so maybe I was a bit ambitious to promise an email a day. Especially when my internet doesn’t work every day… So I will post when I can.

One of the first things to overcome before making any change is the concern ‘why even try if I am the only one?’ There seems to be a palpable energy of doing nothing, of waiting for someone else, a critical mass, or unavoidable peer pressure to arrive before making meaningful change. From what I have learned, this is part of the mass hypnosis that needs to be overcome.

Because let’s think about the power of one person for a minute. First of all, every positive change starts with one person. That person inspires another and then another and pretty soon there is a meaningful movement. Clearly, if that person would have done nothing, that movement would not have happened.

In addition, whether or not a movement was started, there was a meaningful change in the life of the person who made the change. Whatever the change was, took some research, courage and perseverance to implement. And that experience led to another experience, which led to another opportunity and now that person is completely different, more empowered and more in command of his/her life. Isn’t that what we all want?

You are the only one in your life that can make positive change. If it isn’t you, who?

Day One – Infinite Possibilities

Today IS the first day of the rest of your life. Literally. Within today lies millions of ‘Now’ moments that hold infinite possibilities for an infinite number of outcomes. You could think something new, notice new or you could do something completely outrageous and unexpected which would take you someplace new.

Or… you could repeat many of your same thoughts, habits and actions which lead to a known number of possible outcomes. The choice as always is yours.

Within our brain lie neural pathways that fire and connect in response to stimuli. The more courageous and curious we are in our thinking, the more intricate pathways are formed which lead to more possibilities. Conversely, the more habitual we are in our thinking leads to a stronger reinforcement of those thoughts, a firmness of beliefs and a reduction in possibilities. Like a dirt road carved with deep ruts it may take some strategizing to find the way out.

The truth is we are all in ruts of our own making. And as we will discover, we are also in ruts of other people’s making. One of our goals this year is to discover and identify all the ruts and chart new roads and new directions.

May we always keep ourselves open to the gift of infinite possibilities!

2020: The Year of the Comeback

This is the Invitation you have been waiting for!

My soul is calling and I am ready to answer. Your soul has been calling you as well, have you heard it?

My soul has been yearning for a better world and this world, I believe, is finally within our grasp.

The world I yearn for would truly work for humanity, not just the wealthy elite. This world would respect and honor our Planet and all living beings. All who live on this world would work together with the Planet and share in her true abundance. Our diversity as well as our inter-dependence with all living beings would be celebrated, and all would be the better for it. Our best, brightest and highest aspirations would be nurtured and used for the Highest Good of All.

I know you want this too. It is a basic principle of our human existence. But there are forces determined to challenge this existence. I’m not talking about the fabricated ones, the ones they keep front and center to keep us destracted. I’m talking about the real risk, the few and powerful elite that pull the strings that create all the chaos and negative outcomes we see implemented in our world.

They do this through a sophisticated network of lies, propaganda and subliminal programming.  They use a variety of tools at their command to hypnotize us to accept our fate. Convincing us we aren’t safe, we aren’t enough and that we have no power, they keep us distracted by playing into our lower animal energies and we take the bait every time.

We are programmed to believe we are powerless against this mighty subversive force, but nothing could be further from the truth. Think about it, there are maybe 2000 of them and 6 Billion of us on this Planet. We have Nature on our side and survival of our Planet and species as motivation. The time is critical, we both know this. We cannot wait any longer.

  • We must set aside our differences and work together,
  • We must shine a light into all aspects of their game,
  • We must connect the dots to understand how it is played.
  • We must face our fears and move through them,
  • We must be aware and overcome our lower animal energies,
  • We must reconnect to nature and heal our frequency,
  • We must harness our individual and collective power,
  • We must unite and say ‘NO!’ to their plan of harm and destruction.
  • We must remain balanced through all our efforts.

And by the way, in the process, we will remember the truth of who we are and what sustains us. We will remember our power, our unity, our wisdom, health and vitality. Seriously, what do we have to lose?

I PLEDGE, no longer will I be a passive observer while our bodies, minds and Planet are being poisoned, hypnotized and programmed against our will. No longer will I remain quiet or ignorant to the game and how it is played, as the net of total control closes in. No longer will I accept the programming of powerlessness in the face of subversive forces seen or unseen. For I am a Sovereign Human Being and I am ready to claim my power!

Starting Winter Solstice, December 21, 2019 and continuing for 365 days, you are invited to receive free daily emails with a focus on the five most important themes we need to take our power back. They are:

Shine the light:

  • Research and educate ourselves about the game.
  • Connect the dots.
  • Train our brain to see and hear the subliminal codes.

Protect, unplug and reconnect:

  • Reduce exposure to media and technology.
  • Increase exposure to nature.
  • Simple and healthful living.

Overcoming our lower animal energies:

  • Identify what they are.
  • Identify when they are being tweaked.
  • Techniques to see and not take the bait.
  • Tools and techniques to maintain balance.

Just say no:

  • Research and educate ourselves and others.
  • Boycott products and corporations.
  • Letter writing campaigns.
  • Political lobbying campaigns.
  • Weekly zoom room meetings to plan and organize.

Stop! Expose, Dismantle, Allow:

  • Weekly zoom room meetings to energetically shift this dynamic.

As you can see, this structure is comprehensive and holds a little bit for everyone. You can be involved and proactive or as casual as you like. 

Every movement has to start somewhere, why NOT you and me? Even if it’s JUST you and me! It has to start somewhere and I for one am not waiting any longer. We are ready and the world is waiting. Let’s make 2020: The Year of the Comeback!

Go to www.InformationFromBeyond.com and scroll down to the bottom to sign up for your free daily email.

Four Questions for Critical Thinkers

  1. Do you believe there are Beings capable of this attack?
  2. Can you prove you do not carry toxic heavy metals in your body?
  3. Can you prove there are no hidden messages in music or the capability for mass hypnosis?
  4. Can you prove that your stance of judging, ignoring or doing nothing is wisdom from the forces of good?

The Prophecy

I recently had an experience that was like God whispering in my ear “Hey, pay attention. Humanity is vulnerable. Be aware and take action.” Then I was shown something that I had never put together in my human consciousness. As I researched it and tried to prove its validity, I began to see how it could happen.

When I first received this information, I struggled a bit with the worldly ethics of what I should do with it. I was highly concerned that I wouldn’t be able to articulate effectively and people would not ‘hear’ it. I knew I could have done nothing, but that didn’t seem right. I also knew I could have just recruited some of my friends to block it energetically, but that doesn’t give everyone the opportunity to take protective action.

I also struggled with the spiritual ethics of diving into ‘the darkness’. Many of my religious or spiritual friends will not go there because they feel it that gives it life. But what if it already has life and no one is willing to look at our personal and collective darkness, to hold it in check? Who is going to have the courage to become aware of the risk and dismantle it? Maybe that in and of itself is the reason our world is wrought with chaos. There is no one who will see it and take action.

It could be that we need to simply reframe who we think we are. If we claim ourselves to be “Beings of Light” as opposed to “Beings of Darkness”, (which is certainly possible with the electro-magnetics of our world) it could lead one to refuse to look at our personal and collective darkness. But if we claim ourselves to be “Beings of Balance”, (which is also possible with the electro-magnetics of our world) it would allow one to find issues that need to be balanced and balance them. So that is my intentional choice.

I have done my best to work with the energies of balance to lay out the case for how it may be possible and I have done my best to provide the proactive tools to overcome it. I have shared how to do a heavy metal detox as well as tools for personal empowerment.

So now it is up to you.

 “I would like to set the intention that this message be delivered and received in the energy of balance. Any fear that it brings up shall be immediately transmuted into balance. Any powerlessness shall be immediately transmuted into empowerment. And a big dose of gratitude that we have this information so together we can create a new future.”

The Prophecy

In early November, I had a fast series of realizations, some through dreams, some through knowingness and some through visions. I was shown a black box that had been left here and it was a trap. But I knew that I loved that black box, and I was shown my friend Carole listening to it.

Then I was aware of our livers and how they are doing an amazing job for us in keeping toxins from reaching our blood stream and affecting our heart, our brain and the rest of our bodies. These are heavy metal toxins that have been unavoidably part of our life, toxins such as mercury and aluminum. When our liver is overloaded, and it can’t release them through the gall bladder and kidneys, it hides them deep within itself to protect us. Since most of our livers are overloaded, this literally makes each of us a walking time bomb. All it would take is the command to release the toxins rather than hide them.

Then I woke up singing an old song I hadn’t thought of for years and had a flash of multiple realizations. First, the black box that they left behind was the radio; second, music can be encoded with undetectable frequencies that affect our sub-conscious; third each generation has their own collection of songs that they love, and the combination of the music of all the generations together creates a chain of sound that will act as the detonator to give the command to release toxins; lastly there are two songs that have been specifically encoded for this purpose.

Note: I am not going to share the names of the two songs because I don’t want to start running the program in people’s minds.

Then a couple of days later I had a vision where a finger was pushing the detonator and there was a brilliant flash! This tells me we don’t have much time.

For further confirmation, I shared this with a spiritual leader friend of mine, and she received the same information at the same time I did. She is also working to block it.

  1. First, I think it wise to stop listening to the radio. Start getting out in nature with the intent of healing our sub-conscious programming. I find sitting under a tree to be particularly therapeutic.
  2. Second, it seems clear that we all need to incorporate a daily heavy metal detox. One of my early posts had a recommendation for one.
  3. Third, I believe we have the ability to energetically block attacks such as these. The process I recommend is what I wrote about earlier, but it is a series of commands that were given to me. I call it S.E.D.A.

Stop! = The forces and beings behind this attack as well as the attack on our bodies through the musical program to release toxins from our livers

Expose = The origin, intent, cause and effect

Dismantle = All encodings that have been placed in music, media, drugs, hypnosis and all forms of technology

Allow = Our protection, our sovereignty, and the health and vitality of humanity to reign

I use it as a request to God to assist us in using the power of our own mind to create our own beneficial program to Stop! Expose and Dismantle this attack on our bodies and consciousness and Allow our own beneficial human programming of health and vitality to flow.

It is simple, free, it works and the process of using it leads to personal empowerment! It doesn’t get much better than that!

Additionally, in the brief time that we have been engaging in SEDA as a group, several participants have reported physical and emotional detoxification symptoms. So just the process of showing up and working as a group is detoxifying in and of itself!

I will be hosting Zoom Room meetings every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday nights at 7:00 pm Pacific time to use our collective prayer and intent using SEDA to stop this action and create a better future for ourselves and our children. You will find the link and information on my Facebook Page or Website.

But just to be sure, here it is again: https://zoom.us/j/553737864

I am Human Being! Claiming Your Power with SEDA!

Now I would like to talk about who we are as a Human Being. Do you ever stop to consider that we are THE most incredible creation on the Planet? Do you ever think about the millions of tasks a human body does each second without instruction? Of course there are many organs that achieve this together, but the governing organ is the brain.

Continue reading “I am Human Being! Claiming Your Power with SEDA!”