B * A * L * A * N * C * E


When you think about it, every aspect of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body needs balance to survive and thrive. Just being alive in today’s world can be chaotic and we must work to achieve balance. Then more chaos comes our way and we need to find a deeper and higher balance.

We can operate for periods of time in chaos, but our strength is not found in chaos. Our strength is found in balance. We would be happy to exist for long periods of time in balance, but our growth and expansion is deepened by our relationship with chaos. This is part of our evolutionary spiral of life.

Chaos is tricky and full of traps. Especially those chaotic conflicts borne of the clash of our deeply held beliefs. For when we are defending our beliefs, we are defending who we are at the deepest level. Or at least who we think we are.

But what if this chaos, this bigger-than-life political divide, is here to challenge just that?

Perhaps there is wisdom in letting chaos be our teacher, to engage with it, recognize what it is stimulating in you and then enter into the process of finding the balance. For balance is the key to open new levels of understanding.

If you are having problems finding the balance, here are a couple of prompts that might help:

PHYSICAL BODY BALANCE: These are challenging times on all levels. Make sure you eat right and get enough exercise so your body can help move the stress through your system.

EMOTIONAL BODY BALANCE: What do you think happens to intense thoughts paired with intense emotion? Does the energy disappear into the ethers forever, never to be seen again? Or does it circle back around to those responsible for its creation? Would you ever want to receive the energetic backlash of what you are putting out there?

MENTAL BODY BALANCE: Think about the core of what we All wish our world to look like. Fresh air and water, a clean environment, healthy food. A world where all of our ‘systems’ work together in balance and harmony for the highest good of everyone, not just the few. When we stand in the space of what we all what for our world, We the People are not divided. It is wise to remember that one of the first goals of propaganda is to re-frame the issue so the dynamic is never We-the-People-calling-for-accountability-from-the-Power-Manipulators. Propaganda is their first level of protection. If we are so divided, we can’t even talk to one another, we won’t be able to work together to get them out. Rather than spend mental energy fighting the opposite side, what about using it to claim what we all want?

SPIRITUAL BODY BALANCE: Turn off technology and spend time in meditation or quiet contemplation. If you have problems calming your mind, here is a fun suggestion. Fly with the eagles and play with the wind; dive off the top of a waterfall; swim with the dolphins; explore crystal caves; dance with the fairies. Do the impossible in this world and free your mind of its logical constraints. Feel the freedom from chaos and let it help you find balance.

NATURAL WORLD BALANCE: Spend quality time in Nature. Trees are amazing teachers of balance. Find a tree, lean up against its trunk and learn from it. Trees have roots that go deep into earth and branches that reach high into the heavens. Underneath the surface, their roots are in community with other roots and they share needed nutrients. They bend with the wind but don’t break from it. Feel the shift in your energy as you spend time with the trees.

May the balance we achieve through our relationship with this individual and collective chaos, propel us to a new level of personal and collective transformation. For the Highest Good of All.



To continue our conversation about duality and the Reptilian Brain, it is important to note that our Reptilian Brain is wired throughout our entire body. Its main frequency is that of fear, and fear is how it rules our logical mind, our emotions and the functioning of our very cells. You could consider this part of the brain a Tyrannical Dictator, using impulses of fear to manipulate its desired response.

We all know and have experienced this.

The good news is our human consciousness is hard wired for much more than Reptilian Rule. If we examine the atom, one of the basic structures of our Being, we find the addition of neutrality which forms a Trinity. Positive protons, negative neutrons and neutral electrons.

For the atom to perform to the best of its capacity, it needs to make use of all three positions. If it gets stuck in the duality of positive and negative charges, it is unable to move to create electricity, its primary function. The atom needs neutrality to function properly and so does our consciousness.

If we are able to overcome our triggers and move into neutrality, we loosen our position to one side and open our mind to other possibilities. Through our new balance, we may discover blind spots in our thinking or in our beliefs. We may understand more and be able to see more areas of agreement with the opposite position.

This is not a position of weakness. This is intentional and conscious strength.

To be crystal clear, the choice of neutrality, is not the surrender of our moral convictions. On the contrary. The choice of neutrality is the realization that authentic morality is not borne through division, nor is it attained by locking our lower human emotions together in a conflict that is impossible to win.

These battles, which are absolutely about important and essential-to-life issues, are all governed by Generals of Fear who answer to the Reptilian Brain. As the intensity increases, it is becoming more and more clear, that what is really at stake is much more than the essential-to-life issues we think we are fighting about, the true battle is for the ultimate control of our human consciousness.

You might say we really need a collective Albert Einstein moment.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

~~Albert Einstein

Now let’s talk about levels of consciousness.

In our conscious awareness, we have our five senses which inform us about the world around us. We process this information through our brain and make conscious decisions from the input. But our five senses are not able to process all the sources of information that are available to us.

Intuition comes from our internal consciousness. It is informed through every atom in our body, as well as other senses which cannot be identified. It presents information that is not processed by the conscious mind. It is where our gut feelings come from and is how we know things without knowing how we know them. It is the language of our multi-dimensional self in harmony with the cosmic and natural world.

When we are balanced and are able to connect with this aspect of our authentic nature, it informs us our role in the creation of our current experience. It reveals to us our hidden baggage, and provides the tools to overcome them. As we begin to take responsibility for our creations and enter into a relationship with this aspect of life, we are transformed.

Then, from our new position as a Being in connection with our true self and in relationship with all of life, together with other Beings in connection with their true selves, we will be able to resolve these important problems forever. And the world around us will also transform to reflect our inner transformation.

This solution will be borne from a new consciousness that thrives off of unity, balance and harmony. It will be one that is in relationship with all of the cosmic and natural world. Since the structure of the consciousness and the desired goals are in alignment, the solution is naturally sustainable.

There is such beauty to this.

As political activists, we have been fighting so many forms of tyrannical rulers and systemic forms of injustice in our outside world, but we have been unable to penetrate and transform the core of their power. But the core of power and its systemic rule actually exists inside of each of us. It is here and only here that we can find and claim our own Sovereignty, Freedom and Independence.

As spiritual beings, we have been longing for a world of unity, a world of truth, one that supports human life and is in harmony with Nature. It is a bit mind-boggling to think about the atom as a Holy Trinity. The Father is the positive charge, in balance with the Mother as a negative charge, giving birth to a new child of electromagnetism whose purpose is the heal the planet.

It turns out we were holding the keys to transformational change the whole time. The power is within us, hardwired in our very cells.

Always keep in mind: None of what I write about is intended to be a system of beliefs to be adhered to. They are merely the results of my own internal work that could be used as a prompt to investigate within your own consciousness.

With everything in the realm of consciousness, it is advised to prove it, test it, experiment with it and enter into a relationship with it. That moves the concept from one of theory to one of personal experience.



Most likely we all agree these last few months have been a spectacle to behold. Was there a lower emotion that was missed? Was there a judgment that wasn’t made? Indeed, was there any aspect of our lower selves that was not revealed or experienced by us in graphic, emotional and judgmental technicolor?

Now that the dust has settled, would you like to look at it from a new perspective? If so, you may want to get comfortable, for we are going on a journey into our consciousness.

The first lesson comes to us from our Reptilian Brain. This part of the brain structure can only process through the filter of duality. Here is where we fight or flight, and must make our decisions from simple pro or con options. Which means that whatever is processed through this part of the brain must be embraced or opposed. There is no middle ground.

This is the world of duality and here is where we have our greatest battles. Right against wrong, light against dark. Battles of power, injustice, morality and opposing beliefs are all fought through this part of the brain.

Thankfully, the Reptilian Brain is just one step on our ladder of evolution, for it is impossible to win a battle fought here. There are literally only two positions you can be. This is why “What you resist, persists” and “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”.

Yet, even knowing this, we continue fire back and forth from these repelled positions deceived by the labels that identify the divide and caught in the pure force of its division. The good news is that we don’t have to be trapped on this rung of the evolutionary ladder. There are a couple of pathways, beautiful in their simplicity, that can take us out.

  • The first is the attribute of curiosity. Rather than accept the framework of division, intentionally embrace curiosity. Ask questions and listen deeply. Intentionally explore and expand upon areas of agreement. Intend to make your story about the unity you find. For unity is the key to overcome division.
  • The second is time and complexity. Rather than accept the fast-paced flow of information which encourages pro-con brain processing, take more time and introduce the element of complexity. Complexity, which requires different brain power, will take you to an entirely different part of the brain and you will receive an entirely different set of solutions.

The second lesson from a consciousness perspective is in the realm of ‘False Prophets’. Start to look around for them and you will see them everywhere. The obvious ones carry the energy of Greed, Lust, Fear, Guilt, Shame, Blame, Unworthiness, False Pride, False Security. We have all experienced them; we all have relationships with them.

Maybe we thought a spouse could save us, we got to the end of that line and realized he or she couldn’t. Maybe we thought alcohol or drugs could save us and we got to the end of that line and realized they couldn’t. Or maybe we thought a politician could save us, we got to the end of that line and realized he or she couldn’t.

As much as we may try, the solution does not lie in our outside world.  The source of our Truth, our Wisdom and our Power lies firmly within ourselves and our connection to all of life. This is the greatest secret of our existence.

Once we can see ourselves as part of all life, we will begin to see our truth and beauty.

Once we see our truth and beauty, we will learn to love and respect ourselves.

Once we love and respect ourselves, we will begin to listen and trust ourselves.

Once we begin to listen and trust ourselves, we will begin to see our mis-creations.

Once we see our mis-creations, we will see our role in the world around us.

Once we see our role in the creation of the world we see, we can heal it.

Next Article – The next rung of the Evolutionary Ladder


An Invitation to come Alive!


The Wise Woman’s words echoed within the Young Woman’s mind as she walked back to her village. She felt her words to be authentic wisdom, but it was completely foreign to the narrative of the day. She tried to share her experience with friends, but everyone was completely caught up in the emotional triggers of the world. They were not interested in hearing the Wise Woman’s words.

She started to research everything she could imagine to find the truth. At the same time, she began to spend more time in Nature. She even found her own special Cedar tree and spent time each day connecting with the tree and exploring her inner connection to all of creation. This gave her sustenance and kept her grounded on her journey.

She started to make a list of all the factors that could potentially prove the Wise Woman’s claim. Corruption and big money in politics, corporate and government malfeasance, and invasions of personal privacy were all broadly accepted concepts. So, she peeled back a layer and went deeper.

She investigated propaganda in news, entertainment and social media; she investigated MK Ultra mind control in music and media. She learned that the news media intentionally sets triggers in the brain to disrupt the flow of logical thought, replacing logic with an irreconcilable emotion. Everywhere she looked she saw people unable to move past their triggers, living proof of their effectiveness.

Then she researched Artificial Intelligence and nanotechnology. She was dismayed to hear narrative about how the technology in phones travels through the electrical currents in the body and sets up its own command center in the brain. As she observed the addictions to technology around her, she could see the effectiveness of these AI command centers and became concerned about their effects on human consciousness.

She then turned her focus to modern medicine. She observed the systematic decline in the health of the population and the systematic increase in profitable pharmaceutical drugs. She observed the gradual replacement of the body’s natural immune system with the artificial immunity of vaccines. Yet another item on the list of subtle attacks to human physical expression and consciousness.

The concept of ‘harvesting energy’ was much harder to prove. Yes, she knew basic premises like ‘what you resist persists’ and ‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’. And she could observe just how masterfully the opposites were being primed for maximum stress and anxiety. It was obvious who was doing the priming and harvesting, but much harder to understand for what purpose.

She still didn’t have her answers, so she kept peeling back layers. Her big break-through was when she turned her focus from the outside world to the consciousness of her inside world. As a Spiritual Seeker, she understood the concept that the outside world is merely a mirror for what needs to be resolved in the inside world. But it wasn’t until she fully connected with her Higher Self and truly sought answers that they began to come.

These answers did not come nicely packaged so she could understand and process them through her five senses. No, these answers came from the wellspring of multi-dimensional truth from beyond her five senses.

This truth exposed her internal and external conflicts so she could develop the skills to overcome them. It challenged her beliefs and judgments so she could re-evaluate them. It showed her the baggage she was carrying and the fears she was hiding, so she could learn how to transmute them.

Throughout this process she learned how to be connected, imaginative and operate on frequencies that were new to her. She developed wisdom, courage, fearlessness and a new perspective on life. It was like the door to her freedom was flung wide open, and through her curiosity and willingness to learn, she became totally and completely alive.

You may have guessed by now, this story is about me, I am the (maybe-not-so) Young Woman. You may not have guessed that I am also the Wise Woman as well as the perpetrator of all of our problems. And so are you.

For we are all multi-dimensional Beings connected in a massive web of consciousness. Through this connection we have direct access to the source of the cause of our experience. We are quite literally the ones we have been waiting for.

Knowing this changes everything.

This may be something that doesn’t resonate with you and that is okay. But if you feel a spark of lightness in my journey, I would like to invite you on the grandest of grand adventures.

Would you like to come alive with me?


“Wise Woman of the Woods: Guard it wisely”


Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a beautiful country nestled between the oceans, abundant with life, health and prosperity. It was a rich country, one that supported all the people who lived there.

It was governed, not by a King, but by representatives of the people. Or so it seemed. It’s guiding principles were freedom, liberty and justice for all. Or so it seemed.

For there was a powerful force also present, one that worked behind the scenes. This force worked in the shadows, using a variety of means to milk the people of this country of their energy to increase their own power and wealth.

In the beginning, this dark force stayed in the shadows undetected. They worked both sides of every divide, stimulating any injustice to add the fuel to increase their energetic harvest. But their quest for power and wealth soon over-rode their desire for secrecy and the effects of their manipulations became more and more apparent.

At first there were just small arguments, but over time they got bigger.  This unseen force took control of the people’s very consciousness and planted triggers and traps, the effects of which divided marriages, families, and the country. There were incidents of violence, clashes everywhere, most of which were fueled by the dark forces. The people were left shell-shocked, powerless and divided.

There was a young woman in this country who watched the spread of this dark force through her beloved country. She tried everything in her power to stop it, to alert her friends, to engage in activism, but to little consequence. One day after a particularly violent altercation, she was so despondent she decided to pay a visit to the Wise Woman of the Woods. This Wise Woman was known for her wisdom, but only shared it with the true seeker, one who could hear and use what she had to say.

The Wise Woman looked deep into her eyes and saw the glimmer of her Soul in the background. She felt the beating of her heart and felt it in sync with the heart-beat of Mother Earth. She looked for the fire within and felt its fire still faintly burning. She told the young woman, “Dear One, all is not lost”.

The Wise Woman told the young woman to close her eyes and focus on the eternal fire inside her heart. She said to feel the love, joy, and compassion that fuels those flames and know this is your deep and ancient connection to the Mother of all life, Earth. Then she said to shift her focus to her mind and feel the flow of her Soul connection from your deep and ancient connection to the Cosmic Father, your eternal Father.

The young woman began to feel the energy flow within her again. She could feel the subtle flows from Mother and Father and knew that she was deeply loved. She felt stronger, more alive and more connected.

The Wise Woman told her “Dear One, this is your hidden secret, the Source of your love, wisdom and power. You may think this is about who wins governance of your country, but it is really about who wins governance over your consciousness. Guard it wisely.”


And just like that it is over. Or at least this part of this phase of it.

We have all experienced a personal and collective shock to our bodily systems. Now would be a great time to take a break and nurture ourselves.

What is it that nurtures you? Is it a hike in nature? A hot bath with bubbles? Getting a drink with friends (with or without masks)? Working on the yard or car? Getting a massage? Cooking something special? Volunteering at your favorite charity? Whatever it is, give yourself permission to indulge and replenish yourself. You deserve it.

Do you have friends who are not as close due to their political beliefs? Now would be a good time to get together. You don’t have to talk politics, to gloat or fume, just remember the bond you used to share and make the intention to rekindle it.

If you do decide to talk politics, give yourself permission to be curious. Since the election is over and the emotions are (hopefully) diffused, now would be a great time to investigate why they believe they way they do. We all either a). think we completely understand or b). can’t even begin to understand where another is coming from. Neither is correct.

Make the intention to let go of any triggers you may have that might derail you and work with your best communication skills until you feel you have complete understanding. Once you feel you understand, take the extra step to practice acceptance of this special person and the hopes and fears they carry. You may find this to be an important part of your own personal healing. For what you accept in others, you can accept in yourself.

Remember that each of us carry our own unique blend of fears and our own unique mastery of wisdom. We don’t have the same answers and we don’t have the same fears. We each have shortfalls that are easily seen in others, yet invisible within ourselves. Most importantly, we all learn from those who challenge us the most.

Let us not overlook the gift of these times.

RACISM: prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you.

How many times will this energy resurface until we finally ‘get it’? How many times will we play out the abuser or the victim? How many times will we allow ourselves to be swept away by our lower animal instincts?

We cannot transform that which we aren’t aware; we cannot transform that which we don’t properly understand; we cannot let go of what we aren’t willing to forgive…

May this be the time we understand and transform. In this now moment and as long as it takes!

Let us shed our personal and collective ignorance and be willing to walk into the fire of transformation together. For what is happening ‘out there’ is merely a reflection of what is happening inside each and every one of us. This is why we have missed it, the key to transformation is waiting within. We each have direct responsibility and powerful opportunities to make meaningful change within ourselves.  

Stop! Expose and Dismantle this energy. Allow our true self to emerge.

Please take a deep breath with me and let it out slowly. This breath is for all those who cannot breathe, for all of those who have suffered at the hands of racism. This breath is for all the social and economic injustice, all the pain and suffering, all of the tragic reality of having to live in a world with racism.

I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you. We do better together.

Please take another breath with me and let it out slowly. This breath is for all those who are caught in the grips of fear, in the grips of needing to be superior. This breath is for all those who carry pain and suffering in their heart with no other way to release it.

I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you. We do better together.

Please take another breath with me and let it out slowly. This breath is for our parents, our grandparents and all of our ancestors. For each of us is the living, breathing representative of our own family tree. As such, each of us carries ancestral energies of pain and suffering, injustice, guilt and shame, remorse for ancient racial wounds and therefore each of us has immediate access to its recognition and forgiveness.

I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you. We do better together.

Please take another breath with me and let it out slowly. This breath is for those who would incite or partake in violence for the experience of violence itself, or those that would outright manipulate our citizens and culture to meet their own subversive agenda with the purpose of dividing America.

Stop! Expose and Dismantle this energy. Allow the Highest Good for All to emerge.

Please take another breath with me and let it out slowly. This breath is for all the times each of us has acted racist in situations that are beyond skin color. Maybe it is intolerance of another’s ideas or bigotry of another’s political beliefs. Maybe it is the belief that one’s own opinion is superior.

I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you. We do better together.

Together let us be AWARE, let us UNDERSTAND, and let us FORGIVE so we can finally, totally and completely LET IT GO!!


As you know, I don’t share videos often, but this one by David Icke is rather on point with a conversation about who we are as consciousness, how we exist in our world of programming, and what we need to do to one-by-one disconnect from the programming to remove its power. In my opinion, this is essential wisdom for the times in which we live and the times we hope to create…

An Open Letter


“A perspective is only dangerous if it is truth”

Information From Beyond

May 5th, 2020

An Open Letter to All:

This letter is in regards to some of the issues regarding COVID-19 and their long-term implications on humanity, our economy and our current and future sovereignty. While I would prefer a communication that I know will be received through balance and logic, I know I am headed into heavily propagandized territory and therefore will stir up some emotions. I mention this because sometimes when we know what to look out for, we can manage it easier.

May this letter be written and received in the space of curiosity, compassion and a far-reaching vision for the highest Good of All.

About five years ago, I spent two years of full, volunteer-time to gather signatures for Initiative 735: Get Big Money out of Elections. Within those two years I talked to tens of thousands of people and gathered 10,000 signatures. It was an absolute act of love on my part and the part of all of the amazing people I worked. Together we collected enough signatures to get it on the ballot and this Initiative passed in Washington State.

On the surface you would think that Getting Big Money out of Elections would be something that is a concern for all voters, but at the time the Republicans were getting propagandized to reject it. Mitt Romney had famously said that ‘Corporations are people, my friend’ and that comment plus other propagandized efforts were enough for conservatives to reject this effort totally. Now that the propaganda machine has moved on, I have had several conservative friends tell me that they now can see why this issue was so important to me.

My next political action was on the issue of vaccine safety. On the surface you would think that vaccine safety would be a concern for everyone, but at the time Democrats were getting propagandized to attack those that question Big-Pharma.  In my naivety, I thought those that worked against the efforts of Big-Money could easily see what Big Money does when it has it. I showed the money spent on lobbyists, news media, advertising media, doctor’s compensation and medical schools to form and shape public opinion, but its influence was just too powerful. Ultimately the propaganda machine won the legislation, but more importantly it asserted its power and control over an entire segment of people.

Now you may be thinking that in either or both of these issues that the propaganda was actually different from my conclusion. You may be thinking that you couldn’t possibly be subject to propaganda, or that in this case the propaganda just happens to be on the side of truth, or that the propaganda is obviously only at work with the people who disagree with your viewpoint.

So, let me be clear. Propaganda is ALWAYS on the side of Big-Money which is also known as the ¼ of 1%, the Cabal, the Wealthy Elite, or the Deep State. Big-Money is global and non-partisan. The reason propaganda is always on the side of Big Money is that it takes Big Money to buy politicians, media, science and political division, and this is what needs to be done to further accomplish their goals. And let me emphasize, they do have a plan, they have always had a plan and we are the pawns in that plan.

The good guys, the people speaking up for humanity are ALWAYS those that challenge the official narrative. They are the whistle-blowers who have nothing to gain and everything to lose, but they speak up anyway. They are the ones who have been threatened, killed or jailed; they are the ones who lose their jobs, or are publicly and unmercifully attacked for their views. They are the challenge to the ‘official narrative’, they are the ones being censored and the full use and power of propaganda is the first line of Big-Money defense.

You may think that while our society is messy, everyone (including Big-Money) is doing their very best for the good of humanity. You may think that occasionally mistakes happen and people get poisoned or killed or our environment suffers harm. But we learn from these mistakes and hopefully create legislation to make sure it doesn’t happen again. In my humble opinion, this viewpoint is supremely dangerous as it does not demand responsibility, it simply gives Big Money the green light to continue to ‘make mistakes’. We deserve better.

It might be the single most important use of anyone’s time to try to piece together the purpose behind the propaganda and a glimpse of the plan that drives global, non-partisan Big Money. This is something liberals have resisted, but the conservatives know a lot about and would love to share. Indeed, if you are at all concerned about the conservative Covid-19 lock-down protests, the single most important thing every liberal can do is start asking questions and genuinely listen to the answer.

You will most likely fight this first attempt at a new perspective and go back to the safety of your original perspective. That is okay, I’m pretty sure all of us did as well. But keep at it. You may learn something that keeps nagging at you until you do some research. Then one thing leads to another thing, which ties into another thing and you are left dumb-founded. At least that is how I have experienced my paradigm shifts.

Let us acknowledge the pursuit of curiosity and asking questions outside of propaganda in and of itself could help to unite the political factions in our own community and could also diffuse potential future escalations of activism. These are both extremely worthy results, well worth overcoming our own resistance to new perspectives and viewpoints.  

It might also be worth some focused time to piece together a community response to the first wave of known and obvious challenges we will face in our community. These challenges will be experienced economically and the solutions are something liberals know a lot about and would love to implement. Community gardens, worker owned cooperatives, farm to table supply chains, community banks, are wonderfully supportive solutions. The beauty of this effort is that it will achieve tangible results for our entire community regardless of if you think the virus and Big-Money response is a random occurrence or if you think it is all part of the plan.

The reason Big Money was able to obtain so much power is that they ‘know how to activate the animal, drug the addict, divide, isolate and desensitize our communities’. They know how to ‘pull the wires that control the public mind’. They know how to ‘keep us fighting so we don’t see their control and manipulation’. What we need to do to dismantle this power is to UNITE and have important political conversations, to work together to SEE THROUGH the propaganda and manipulations and to BAND THE 99% TOGETHER with our common cause grounded in TRUTH.

I don’t know about you, but that is a vision that I think is worth working for!

Please let me know if you would be interested in joining a Zoom Room connecting-the-dots conversation.


As the whole world has become a stage in one big crazy play, we have all become narrators of what we are seeing. Did you see this? Have you thought that? Did you know about this? Even these conversations are usually within the safe construct of those who think the same way we do with (usually) the same blind spots.

It would be amazingly spectacular if we all could be open to what others are trying to tell us. If we could lay down our beliefs and judgments and pick up curiosity, this in itself could easily change our world. As we give ourselves this permission, we would begin to unite the gaps we have created between ourselves and see old things in a different light. The beauty of this approach is that it does not require anyone else to see or understand any differently. It just requires us.

What might be at the top of the blind spot list? For me, it is that we, as human beings are more powerful than we know. That we already have everything we need right inside of us. We can not only create energetic protection from viruses; we can also positively affect our own personal health and vitality. It is not something that requires the right politician or legislation. It is not something that requires anything outside of our own curiosity and desire.

There are many pathways to ignite the true and full essence of our power. One that I am offering, along with my friend, Stephanie Elaine Golden-Falcon, is a varied and powerful multi-step process. It begins with the understanding of ourselves as electro-magnetic beings; it flows into a practice of creating new neuro pathways in the brain and the experience of using our power to transform our inner and outer world; then it rests in a meditation that is grounded in our own sacred space.

The proof is not in the concept. The proof is in the experience. Those who already participate routinely experience its power, I would like to invite you to experience it as well.

We meet Sunday (that is right, tonight!), Wednesday and Friday nights at 7:00 pm. This is held over the Internet in a Zoom Room. Here is the link to follow, to download and enter the room. The only real trick is to make sure you enter with computer audio and turn on your video.

Join Zoom Meeting


The following video is a great video, by Dr. Joe Dispenza, about the virus and the power of our brain, mind and quantum field.  I hope this inspires you on this beautiful day!