It's time to have the 'Sex Talk'

Since we are adults, it is a much more productive time to have a meaningful conversation about sex than it was when we ‘had the talk’ from our parents and/or the mandatory course in school. What makes it meaningful is that we are all now experts of our own sexual experience. But we may still have challenges in this conversation for several really big reasons.

For one, sex is not generally considered a topic of polite conversation. Many of us have suffered sexual abuse, (1:9 females and 1:53 males under the age of 18) and carry unresolved traumas which make meaningful conversations about sex full of emotional triggers.

In addition, our culture has tied sex to one of the hottest political triggers in our country… abortion. This adds an additional complex layer of discussion about rights, independence, freedom vs. the morality of killing an unborn child. Then there is the additional discussion about the most effective prevention to an abortion; abstinence or education and contraception.

We also suffer from a growing trend in pedophilia which has ties everywhere from the dark and seedy to the most trusted and revered.

Finally, we can’t forget the complexities and emotional triggers of our beliefs and judgments. Our mind holds tremendous power in what it allows us to see or accept according to our beliefs. It is also brilliant at creating a fight back effect for anything that doesn’t fit its pre-conceived notions. So, we have the additional challenge of laying down our beliefs and judgments so we can be curious enough to learn something new.

Even though the discussion about sex could be a challenging one, we need to talk about sex in our country, but not for any of the reasons I have outlined above. Let me provide a brief outline of mass manipulation and how normalizing sex for a young child should be a concern to us all. I will do my best to keep this short enough that it will be read and complete enough that it will be received.

First, I think we need to acknowledge that there is an active force that manipulates the minds and actions of people in our country. It works behind the scenes, beyond our vision, experience and conscious awareness, but it acts as an effective designer, maybe even the most effective designer of social desires and trends. There are at least two important components of this force.

First, we have the intentional effort of mass propaganda started in the early 1900s which is an extremely effective means to both sell products and to control public discourse. Edward Bernays is famous for creating the formula that is still in use today.

Then we have the CIA’s program of MK Ultra which was created in the 1950’s to explore individual and mass mind control. They used torture, sexual abuse, positive and negative reinforcement on very young children. The methods they used were atrocious but they discovered that if a restrained child under the age of seven had a sexual trauma, they were highly likely to develop a multiple personality. That personality could then be controlled by hypnosis and made to do whatever was needed including to perform and tolerate sexual acts.

MK Ultra also explored the realm of mind control through drugs and music. There are some that say it was the CIA who was responsible for the mass distribution of LSD and the creation of many of the most popular rock n’ roll bands of the 1960s. These people believe that the culture of the 60’s was a big experiment in mind control. One of the quotes I have collected “They think they are rebelling but with every dance step, they are binding the chains of industrialization around them”

The bottom line here is that our country has an extensive, dark, and mostly invisible history with individual and mass mind control.

The goal is generally obedience, resignation and submission, and there are multiple steps to achieve this. The one that is pertinent to this discussion is the active attempt to feed our lower animal selves by stimulating the survival and sexuality centers. This is done through brain entrainment, subliminal programming and mind control.

“As long as they can hold us in our ego centers, they can be assured of their long-standing reign. They know how to activate the animal, to drug the addict, to divide and isolate, to desensitize community awareness, to create a nationalistic frenzy and false loyalties to super heroes”

From the book “Project MK Ultra and Mind Control”

Did you know there are sexual subliminals in children’s cartoons and movies? Have you wondered why we have so many violent movies and video games? Do ever wonder who put them there and for what purpose? This is why! To keep the brain subconsciously entrained to stay in its lower animal self!

Very shortly the Washington State Legislature will be deciding upon a bill regarding Comprehensive Sex Education for our school children. This education begins in Kindergarten and is repeated throughout the years.

Through my personal filter, there are redeeming factors in the Bill because yes, there are opportunities for parents to opt out. Yes, it teaches both abstinence and birth control. Yes, it teaches that there must be mutual consent. And yes, it claims to have age appropriate lessons.

I suppose part of the challenge is what is deemed as age appropriate is different for every adult. Because we are subject to our personal beliefs here as well. For example, if we personally feel the material is inappropriate for Kindergarteners or 3rd graders, are we subject to the fear of being judged as a prude? Or do we succumb to the opinions of the ‘experts’? We need to be cognizant of both of those issues because each of those are components of basic propaganda.

For example, would you have imagined the Kindergarten lesson to include a Powerpoint Presentation on the body and post it notes labeled with the body parts of: penis, vulva, nipples, anus, shoulder, foot and belly button?

And what about those three young girls in the class of 27 who are currently being sexually abused? Will these lessons empower them to speak up or add the element of normalization to their experience?

We already know that we are subject to mass manipulation. We already know that part of the objective is to keep us in our lower animal sexual center. We already know that cartoons hold sexual subliminals. We already know that MK Ultra was successful with hypnosis on young girls to ‘perform and tolerate sexual acts’.

Does the combination of super early and explicit sex education and sexually subliminal cartoons produce children who are more willing to engage in sexual abuse? Does this put us unknowingly one step closer to subconsciously entraining our children to be more subconsciously entrained adults?

May we be mindful of all of the implications and consequences of our actions.

The Year of Our Comeback! Save the Bees (and Humans) with Shungite!

If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth,

man would only have four years left to live.”

~~Albert Einstein

Several years ago, I was a novice beekeeper, nervously watching my bees as they landed on top of their hive. One bee in particular caught my eye and I moved closer to watch. This bee was staggering, stumbling and acting as if it was completely intoxicated. It finally managed to make it inside the hive and disappeared. Was it poisoned? Was it disoriented? I didn’t know, but for me that was my clear realization that we have a serious problem.

Did you know that every third bite of food is literally brought to us by bees? We are critically dependent upon the pollination efforts of honey bees for our food production. Yet as we are well aware, our honey bee population has been in a downward trend for some time.

Agricultural chemicals and Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMFs) are two of the main culprits which are increasingly pervasive and increasingly harder to protect against. As a result, the immune systems of our bees are compromised leading to mites and other diseases. Beekeepers are forced to take more and more drastic measures, none of which have been effective to turn the tide.

Bees are not the only ones to be affected by our environment. Humans too, are adversely affected by agricultural chemicals and EMFs. You may not realize it, until you face persistent chronic health problems and the truth is, you may never realize it as it is not something that has been officially recognized by mainstream medicine.

Personally, I know that I am sensitive to EMFs. I know because I can feel the currents flow into my brain, down my arm, body and leg. It used to be that I would talk on my cell phone, feel the energy and over time it would dissipate. But then I reached a point when I had a harder time to get the energy to dissipate and my whole left side felt perpetually tense.

As luck would have it, during this time I was giving a speech and a casual friend of a friend was in the audience and told me about the Shungite necklaces he was developing. He gave me one and the results were stunning! Within 24 hours I felt my symptoms had disappeared by 80%, a within a week they were down about 95%. The Shungite necklace was the only thing I could attribute it to.

What is Shungite? Shungite is a natural mineral that is 98% carbon. It is found in Russia near a small settlement called Shunga. Shungite’s atoms form fullerines and have been shown to attenuate toxins and radiation by reversing the electromagnetic fields to a bio-compatible rotation. In 1991, Science magazine named fullerenes “molecule of the year,” calling them “the discovery most likely to shape the course of scientific research in the years ahead.”

As it turns out Shungite also dramatically helps the bees.  Derek and Maureen Condit have had impressive results with Shungites in their beekeeping. They don’t use chemicals, their bees are 20 miles from commercial crops, in an all-natural EMF and WIFI environment. They place Shungite rocks at the entrance of their hives, they paint the hives with Shungite paint to form a beehive Faraday cage, and some of their bees walk through Shungite powder.

Their results are something to share with complete strangers! They have zero colony collapse, and zero disease in their bees since introducing Shungite. Additionally, they have had exponential growth with one hive growing to eight hives in one season! They are not only reversing collapse; they are exponentially growing the comeback!

**If you are interested in acquiring a Shungite necklace for your own use, I recommend the creations of local inventor and musician, Dino Armendariz. Not only does he make Shungite necklaces, but he adds other supportive elements as well. He can be reached at:

**If you would like to learn more from Derek and Maureen Condit’s website:

**If you would like to view a 24 minute interview about the concept and results:

Long live the bees and humans!

The Year of the Comeback! Coming to balance with Super Bowl Sunday half time show

Since I have been a political activist on both sides of the political aisle, I have Facebook friends that encompass and express thoughts that fill the complete spectrum of the range of political and cultural thinking. While I am an observer and participant in our human experience as well, at the same time I am also aware of the role of energy or the Quantum Field and actively engage in prayer and meditation to bring about change.

So, it is of immense curiosity and interest that I observe the uproar from one side of friends and the bewilderment from the other side of friends after the 2020 Super Bowl half-time show. It is a classic case of duality of experience and perception that is a timely example of an experience that we can use to critically think about what is required to come to balance with this experience.

On one spectrum, I have Facebook friends who enjoyed the music, the production and appreciated the whole Latino flavor. This could certainly be one’s authentic experience. On the other spectrum, I have Facebook friends who are outraged about the imagery (sexuality, symbolism, children in cages, poses of the dancers) and feel it is the work of darkness. From this perspective, this could certainly be one’s authentic experience as well. What we all need to seriously consider is that they both could be true.

For we can’t forget we live on a planet of duality. We are electromagnetic beings on a beautiful planet with magnetic poles in the north and south. Our days are separated by light and dark, we are separated by male and female, even our brains are separated into distinct lobes. You could even go as far to say that each of us encompasses both light as well as darkness. I don’t think I would find much disagreement to state that much of our time and energy is spent in coming to balance in our relationship with these opposites.

So how do we come to balance in this particular instance?

If you don’t understand what the concern is, perhaps it would be wise to investigate. Look into the work of MK Ultra, MK Ultra in Hollywood and media, mind control and the powerful use of dark subliminal messaging in music. Be mindful of the role of confirmation bias in that we only see, acknowledge and remember facts that we already believe. Research with the intention of learning something new.

Before you are tempted to be triggered and dismiss these concerns too quickly, investigate the concept of weaponized anthropology in music. It isn’t hard to imagine when in a loud concert with a large group of people, everyone’s heart rate and brain waves become synchronized. What might be new information is how easy that makes it for the subconscious transmission and encoding of behavioral codes. Indeed, this MK Ultra technology has already been used in our country and produced the desired results.

If you are aware of these concerns, and trying to communicate them to others without success, perhaps it would be wise to take a step back. Do what you can do to educate and legislate until you aren’t productive anymore. Then take some lessons from the playground teeter totter.  For as long as we are divided into opposite sides on any issue, the teeter totter will keep going up and down at a fast and furious pace with no resolution.  Because of our planet’s duality, the mere existence of a strongly held position reinforces the experience of its opposite.

I believe the solution lies in becoming aware of all perspectives, taking every possible necessary action, then moving to the center of the teeter totter with the understanding that duality is the reality of our world. To intentionally move into the fulcrum requires an understanding of both light and darkness and the desire to hold the balance in peace and sovereignty. Perhaps it is the ‘new level of understanding’ we are missing.

5G Health Alert!

Spokane is one of the first US cities to receive 5G cell phone towers. 5G is said to be 100 times more powerful than 4G, is provided as a convenience to power all of our phones, but what do we really know about this new technology?

Since we can’t see, hear, taste and may or may not feel cell phone radiation, it is easy to assume that there is no harm. Politicians have endorsed it with supportive legislation, FCC has approved it, Verizon is running with it, we seemingly need it, what could go wrong?

Here are some important facts to consider:  

  1. The Telecommunication Act of 1996 gives the Telecommunications Industry immunity from opposition to the placement of cell towers and immunity from liability from ‘environmental’ effects (which refers to human and environmental health).
  2. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) used research that shows low penetration from the heat from the phone to the brain to approve the technology, while completely avoiding the issue of systemic radiation causing scientifically proven neurological, brain, heart, cancer and fertility problems.
  3. Then there are a variety of additional stories about the effects of EMFs. There have been children who got cancer right after a tower was placed next to their school; firefighters who reported neurological problems after a tower was placed on the roof of their station; trees that died around a cell phone tower.
  4. And finally, we have the ultimate in memorable quotes from Dr. Martin Pall, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, WSU who calls 5G “an existential threat”.

It seems we need to know a lot more about 5G.

We are lucky to have Dr. Pall as well as Dr. Robert Olsen, Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering from WSU speaking at the free event sponsored by; IEEE; SpokaneWired.


Thursday February 27, 2020

4:00 pm

John J. Hemmingson Center

Gonzaga University

Hope to see you there!

2020: The Year of the Comeback! The real-time dismantling of The Vaccine Safety Lie

Edward Bernays, the father of Propaganda knew how to manipulate the masses. It’s a simple formula actually. First you provide the framework that is the lens through which everyone looks at the issue.  In the vaccine world it is ‘Vaxxers vs Anti-Vaxxers’, never ‘We the People vs Big Pharma”.

Then you create seductive language to support the issue, such as ‘Safe and Effective’ and attack using trigger words such as ‘Anti-Vaxxer’ to further isolate the sides. You recruit ‘credible experts’ to be the spokespeople and finance ‘independent studies’ to claim the desired results. In today’s world, well paid lobbyists, a revolving door with regulators and a partnership with Big Media to repetitively blast out the message, are also part of the formula.

It takes no effort to be seduced by Propaganda. It has been designed to be the path of least resistance and the path with the most (although intentionally contrived) support. It is much harder to come to your own conclusions using research, logic and your own critical thinking, for this will predictably make yourself the target of attacks for challenging the propagandized status quo.

But that is exactly what thousands of vaccine safety activists in every state have willingly done. Maybe they were once supporters of vaccines but now have a vaccine injured child or maybe they want the right to choose their own body’s natural immunity rather than be forced to accept vaccine induced immunity. Regardless of the motivation, they have recognized glaring omissions in vaccine safety and have endured the onslaught of attacks to speak the truth. Now, finally, their concerns are shared by the members of The World Health Organization (WHO).

Whatever your position regarding vaccinations, this dialogue from the December 2019 Global Vaccine Safety Summit is of utmost importance for we all have a relationship with vaccines. Whether you are a parent or grandparent, pregnant mother, healthcare professional, politician, business offering free vaccines, non-profit offering low-income vaccines, this video is essential watching.

Pay attention, for it interesting dialogue. Here we have the top vaccine doctors in the world posing questions and concerns with studies, structures and basic understandings as if we were about to enter into a rigorous vaccine immunity program, not 25 years past the time to be asking these questions. It is almost as if they decided pre-conference that they must begin to talk about these issues.

It is also interesting the way they word their questions. They are certainly the not hard driving questions, you might expect from the top vaccine scientists in the world backed by hard facts. The questions are framed: “I have just been thinking…” “It just came to me…” Is the mere fact that they are asking the questions challenging Big Pharma an act of courage, or is this a sign that they recognize the vaccine house of cards is soon to be tumbling and want to be on record as one of those calling for action? Watch the footage and decide for yourself.

This 2 hour video is thanks to the tireless work of Del Bigtree, investigative journalist for The HighWire. ( I found myself glued to my computer as I watched the full episode. And if you will do the same, stop right here and watch the video. It could be the most important two hours you spend this year.

But if you know you don’t have the 2 hours to watch this video, I have provided the Cliff Notes version below because what is being said is too important to miss:


One of the main concerns of vaccine safety advocates is that Big Pharma has unilaterally decided that vaccine induced immunity is the only way to maintain world health. This decision arrogantly subrogates the body’s innate and natural immunity and creates an environment where the vaccine induced immunity cannot be maintained.

“One of our biggest challenges … We are in a unique period in human history where we have shifted the human population to vaccine induced dependency immunity. And that is on the great assumption that populations would cooperate. And for many years people lined up. We have developed a world where people are dependent upon vaccinations. We don’t have a choice but to make that effort”.

Professor Heidi Larson, PhD

Professor of  Anthropology,

Risk and Decision Scientist Director,

Vaccine Confidence Project

There are also major multiple concerns from vaccine safety advocates about the methodology, number of participants, length of time of the study as well  the lack of follow up studies.

“There is a lot of safety science that is needed. Without good science we can’t have good communication. So although I’m talking about all these other contextual issues and communication issues, it absolutely needs science as the backbone. You can’t repurpose the same old science to make it sound better when you don’t have the science that is relevant to the new problem. We need much more investment in safety science.”

Professor Heidi Larson, Phd

Professor of  Anthropology,

Risk and Decision Scientist Director,

Vaccine Confidence Project

“The risk management plan for each particular vaccine, will need to take into the consideration the pre-licensure safety database, potential safety signals that may have been identified during pre-licensure clinical safety trials, other perhaps even theoretical safety concerns and also need to take into consideration the disease to be prevented, the target population, the proposed indication in order to really inform risk management.”

Dr. Marion Gruber,

Director, Office of Vaccines Research and Review (OVRR),

Center for Biologics and Evaluation and Research Center (CBER),

Food and Drug Administration

One of the additional issues that complicates safety evaluation, … is the length of the  follow up that should be required in any pre-licensure, or even post marketing study, that is even possible because one has to acknowledge, the longer you follow up, the more you see adverse events that have nothing to do with the adjuvant vaccine issue but could be other issues. But the problem is how do you deal with that data? And again, as you mentioned pre-licensure clinical trials may not be powered enough.

Dr. Marion Gruber,

Director, Office of Vaccines Research and Review (OVRR),

Center for Biologics and Evaluation and Research Center (CBER),

Food and Drug Administration

There is also the concern from vaccine safety advocates that every human body is different yet vaccines are marketed and implemented as one-size-fits all.

And it’s also the target population, we have seen data presented to us where the adjuvant in vaccination did nothing to the population, usually the elderly, compared to administering the same vaccine to a younger age strata. So these are things that need to be considered.

Dr. Marion Gruber,

Director, Office of Vaccines Research and Review (OVRR),

Center for Biologics and Evaluation and Research Center (CBER),

Food and Drug Administration

The toxicity of adjuvants is one of the biggest concerns for many vaccine safety advocates. (Not sure any vaccine safety advocates knew to be concerned that they don’t even know how they work!)

“I would like to say a few words about adjuvants. Adjuvants are added to vaccines for many reasons but primarily to make the vaccines work… When we add adjuvants it is because it is essential, we do not add adjuvants to vaccines because we want to do so. But when we add adjuvants it adds to the complexity… Doing surveillance is necessary, but understanding how these things work is also necessary so we can assess plausibility.

Dr. Martin Howell Friede, PhD

Coordinator, Initiative for Vaccine Research (IVR)

World Health Organization

So in our clinical trials where we are actually using relatively small sample sizes, and when we do that we are at risk of tyranny of small numbers… so I think one of the things we really need to invest in then are better bio markers, better mechanistic understanding of how these things work so we can better understand adverse events as they come up.

Dr. David Kaslow, MD

VP Essential Medicines,

Drug Development Program Path

Center for Vaccine Innovation and Access (CVIA)

Another important concern from vaccine safety advocates is, if the adjuvant ramps up the power of the antigen with the vaccine, what about other vaccines given at the same time?   Of major concern is the significant increase in childhood disease as referenced by the 2011 study from the Department of Health and Human Services stating that prior to 1986 the incidence of chronic childhood disease was 12%; while in 2011 it skyrocketed to 54%.

“… As we add adjuvants especially some of the new adjuvants such as the AS01, derived, we do see increased local reactions, the primary concern though is usually systemic adverse events rather than local events. We tend to get very good data regarding the local events in the Phase II and Phase III studies but this is not the major health concern.

 The major health concern is accusations of long term effects, so what we have to bear in mind is we don’t use adjuvants by themselves, adjuvant is used in combination with an antigen and it may cause different reactions with different antigens.

So one adjuvant that has been determined to be safe with one antigen has different response with another antigen, because of other things including impurities, point to the regulators ensuring we conduct Phase II and Phase III studies with adequate size and adequate and appropriate measurement. 

Dr. Martin Howell Friede, PhD

Coordinator, Initiative for Vaccine Research (IVR)

World Health Organization

It has been a long standing practice for those concerned with vaccine safety, if they choose to take them, to spread out the administration of vaccines to avoid cross reactions. Dr. Bassey Okposen, Program Manager, National Emergency Routine Immunization Coordination Center, Abuja, Nigeria posed the following question at the conference.

Our situation in Nigeria, where at six weeks, ten weeks, fourteen weeks, a child is given different antigens from different companies and these vaccines have different adjuvants, different preservatives and so on… Something crosses my mind. Is it possible that these different antigens, from adjuvants cross reacting among each other? …Has there ever been a study of different antigens from different companies given to each other at the same time?

This long winded answer from Dr. Robert Chen didn’t even address the question about clinical studies but instead addressed the need for National and International databases to track after the fact.

This is a very important question, because in general the clinical trials with any particular new product are done just by itself and ultimately the regulators will ask if that vaccine could be added to the routine immunization program. So we go to trial with that vaccine in addition to that regular regiment, but your question is the next step because in real practice there are multiple vaccines from different manufacturers that may be received at different age schedules.

If you take a look at the immunization schedule over the last 15 or 20 years in the high income countries, as well low resource countries. The schedule has gotten more complex… the only way to tease that out is if you had a large population database like the Vaccine Safety Databank as well as some of the other national databases that are coming into being, where the actual vaccine exposure is tracked down to that level of specificity as to who is the manufacturer, what is the lot number?

The initiative to make the vaccine label bar coded so that it includes that level of information so in the future when we do those types of studies we are able to tease that out and in order and each time you sub-divide, the sample size gets more and more challenging and that is what I said earlier today is that we are only in the beginning era of large data sets where hopefully we can start to harmonize the databases from multiple studies there is an initiative on the way, to try to get more national vaccine safety databases linked together so that we can start to answer these types of questions that you just raised.

Dr. Robert Chen MD

Scientific Director

Brighton Collaboration

The Center for Disease Control had a shorter answer which addressed the minor issue of injection site problems rather than the systemic issue of complications, when asked the same question in February of 2018

“We have no data to make a recommendation one way or another. While pre-clinical trials were not done using these vaccines simultaneously, our general approach to vaccinations is that they can be given at the same time in different limbs”.

Amanda Cohn

Center for Disease Control

The lack of studies is confirmed by The Childhood Immunization Schedule and Safety Stakeholder, The Institution of Medicine

studies designed to examine the long-term effects of the cumulative number of vaccines or other aspects of the immunization schedule have not been conducted.

…existing research has not been designed to test the entire immunization schedule.

.. No studies have compared the difference in health outcomes between entirely unimmunized populations of children and fully immunized children.

Vaccine safety advocates have been especially vocal about maternal immunizations with good cause. We already know that vaccines work differently in the elderly, differently in children, (even though they haven’t been studied) what about a fetus? The issue and recommendation is brought up at the WHO meeting by Dr David Kaslow, MD

Coming down the pike rather quickly, is a new target population, maternal immunization. Women who are pregnant and will have all kinds of adverse events associated with their pregnancy. Part of the problem is that we don’t have a strong enough baseline to know ‘is this an expected adverse event of pregnancy or is this related to the vaccine?’. So I think an investment in epidemiology baseline critically important if we don’t want to derail some of our maternal immunization vaccines as they go to low resource settings.

For additional relevant conversation, we need to go back to the ACIP meeting in October of 2017. The following are the comments made by Dr. Wellington Sun of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

“I just want to make a clarification on the use of vaccines in pregnancy. Unless there is a study of that vaccine in pregnant women, even though with that age indication, that it might fall into the age indication, it is still not considered, the use of vaccines with pregnant women should still be considered off-label.”

So essentially you have the FDA saying that vaccinations with pregnant women haven’t been studied and should be considered off label, but you have the Center for Disease Control aggressively marketing vaccinations to pregnant women. Who is in charge here?

Del Bigtree of The HighWire was at that ACIP meeting and walked away determined to sue the FDA for proof of clinical studies with pregnant women. So he and Robert F. Kennedy sued the FDA and here is what came back. …An acknowledgment that they had no records indicating clinical trials.

And then there is a Grand Finale, one I won’t even try to put in words because it needs to be seen to be fully experienced. Go to 1:57:50 in the video and watch the public service announcement from The World Health Organization as well as the follow up conversations.

While Bernays created the formula to begin the Big Lie, it is up to us to dismantle it. And what does the dismantling of the ‘Vaccine Safety Lie’ mean to all of us? Whether you have had a good or bad experience with vaccines, does it concern you that the top scientists in the vaccine world feel they are not being appropriately tested and monitored?

As citizens of this country, we all have a responsibility to hold our industries, government and regulators accountable. We all have a responsibility to question, investigate and speak our truth. It could be as simple as sharing this article, The HighWire video, talking about it with a friend, teacher or healthcare professional.

Or it could be as simple as sharing these important quotes with your state politician who will be most likely voting on the issue of religious exclusions for vaccines this year. Would knowledge of these safety concerns from top scientists, change their viewpoint on mandatory vaccinations? I hope it gives us all a strong reason to stop and question what we are doing. For it appears this lie is dismantling.

Super Sunday Prayer Power


Please join us for an intense 15 minutes of focused prayer and meditation using S.E.D.A. (Stop! Expose, Dismantle, Allow). We use the united power of prayer to infuse the field of consciousness to stop what isn’t working in our world and to call for a New Paradigm to emerge.

Tonight we will be focused on stopping military aggression and calling for a New Paradigm of Peace.

Tonight and every Sunday night. 7:00 pm Pacific time.

And if so inclined… Stay in the Zoom Room or on the call and offer your energy to infuse the field of consciousness with the power of over specific 40 mini prayers designed to stop what isn’t working in our world and to call for a new paradigm to emerge.

We are only powerless if we don’t use our power!

Here is the information to call in or join us in the Zoom Room. Its easy… Really!

To join the Zoom Meeting, just click on this link. If it doesn’t go there automatically, you may have to download Zoom (its free and doesn’t take long) and choose to enter with Audio.

If you would rather just phone in:

Meeting ID: 514 450 2199
+1-669-900-9128 Meeting ID 5144502199#


With high concern over recent geo-political news, there are many who feel powerless with good reason. In my humble opinion, it is times like these that we need to remember the power of collective and focused prayer and meditation. It may just be the new level of consciousness needed for this level of problem. (twist on Einstein quote intended).

If you don’t pray or meditate, it may seem like a waste of time, but let me ask you this. Would you consider a 23% reversal in the violent crime trend during a two month meditation project a waste of time?

An experiment in Washington DC, led by John Hagelin, a renowned quantum physicist, was designed to show how simple and easy it is to use meditation to reduce crime and social stress. The study used a large group of Transcendental Meditators over a two month period of time between June 7th and July 30th, 1993.

The experiment was to use only meditation without any verbal, social, political or physical interaction between the meditators and the local community. The planned positive impact would come directly from the field of consciousness.

Based on previous experience, the researchers predicted in advance that the TM-Sidha group would reduce crime by over 20% in the city during the study period. At the time the local police authority ridiculed this prediction.

The police were well used to crime rising year over year especially during the summer months as the weather got hotter and the days longer. The police chief actually went on record to assert that the only event that would reduce crime that much in Washington DC during the summer months would be 20 inches of snow.

The project started with 800 TM-Sidhas, and grew to 4000 by the end of the two month period. The maximum impact was an unprecedented drop in HRA crime of 23.3%. This maximum effect occurred when the size of the group was at its largest in the final phase of the project and the HRA crime began to increase again at the end of the project.

The statistical probability that this result could reflect chance variation in crime levels was less than 2 in 1 billion (p < .000000002).

The full article is available here:

For the last couple of months, there have been a handful of us who meet over the Internet every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday to pray and meditate together. We are using the power of focused prayer and meditation to dismantle the part of our world that isn’t compatible with human life and to bring forth a new paradigm using the commands of Stop! Expose, Dismantle, Allow. (S.E.D.A)

These commands were ‘given’ to me last May and I have proven their effectiveness both on an individual as well as group situational basis.  I use it while driving, I use it while hiking, I use it when something ‘tweaks’ me. I have put it to a song and sing it as well.

A timely example of SEDA, if you are so inclined, is as follows:

Dear God:

As Sovereign Beings, within personal, planetary and Universal balance we call for the following to be implemented with the highest wisdom:

Stop! = War with Iran.

Expose = All of it.

Dismantle = That which is not in balance with the Divinity of life.

Allow = A new paradigm to emerge for life on this planet with the highest use of love, wisdom, power and Nature for the highest good of all.

And we pray:

Stop! Expose, Dismantle, Allow

Stop! Expose, Dismantle, Allow

Stop! Expose, Dismantle, Allow

Take a deep and activating breath to send the prayer out.

I have created almost 40 of these mini prayers that encompass every facet of life that needs dismantled and a new paradigm allowed. This is what we seed into the field of consciousness every Sunday, Wednesday, Friday at 7:00 Pacific Time. If you would like to join us, Here is the link:

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We are only powerless if we don’t use our power!

2020 Year of the Comeback: New paradigm for health


A new decade can bring about many new things and one I think can we all agree is that we desperately need a new paradigm for healthcare on our planet. Or maybe we just need to remember an old system that was discarded.

For it wasn’t that long ago in our history, that we or our ancestors had gardens. They were organic, but they weren’t called organic because there was no need. They were full of a variety of heirloom plants but again, no one thought of them that way.

But along came commercial farming and grocery stores and we gave up our gardens for the convenience of buying our produce. Then along came convenience food and we gave up our produce for the convenience of opening a can or a box. Then along came microwaves and we gave up the molecular structure of our food for the convenience of having it fast.

It also wasn’t long ago in our history that we relied on our body’s natural immunity and its ability to heal itself.  Healthcare practices were supportive of the body’s natural ability to regain health and allowed the time and beneficial support for that to happen. But along came the pharmaceutical industry and we gave up our body’s natural immunity for the lure of the perception that chemically based science would produce better results than our body’s natural immunity. We gave up belief and practice of our body’s natural immunity for the lure of a quick fix despite the side effects, complications and on-going expensive need for pharmaceutical drugs.

It wasn’t that long ago in our history that our air, land and water were pristine and brimming with all the micro-organisms that create and sustain health and vitality in plants, animals and humans. But along came industry and the addition of its toxicity, pollutants and garbage to our air, land and water. We gave up the protection of our environment for the convenience of whatever was being produced.

As a result of just these three factors, we live in a world where our food is Genetically Modified, laced with herbicides and pesticides and irradiated. Our healthcare system uses pharmaceuticals to replace our body’s natural immunity and creates dependence upon its expensive and non-sustainable solutions. Our industry produces products or services while continuing to spew toxins into and around our planet. Our health and our bodies suffer for this.

But this is a new decade, with a new opportunity to begin again and show up in a new way. We are calling for a new paradigm and with that come new ways of showing up in the world. One of the ways I am showing up in my world is by actively engaging in the detoxification of my body.

According to Anthony William in Medical Medium, toxicity is one of the major causes of disease. And according to my earlier prophecy, our livers especially need to release toxicity. This is now the second time I have done the nine day Liver Detoxification as outlined in Medical Medium’s Liver Rescue. I was worried I would be hungry, worried that I would be stuck in the bathroom while detoxing, worried I would be fatigued, but none of that has happened.

What has happened is that I have a new appreciation and understanding for the outstanding health benefits of Nature’s common foods. I have a new respect for my body’s ability to heal. And I have a new respect for just how much healthy and good food I can eat!

There are many people who share pictures of themselves in moments of their finest accomplishment. Like just finishing a marathon, or climbing a mountain. But I am anticipating my moment of fine accomplishment three days from now when I will have consumed ALL THE FOOD IN THIS PICTURE!! Yes! You should be impressed!

But not just impressed with all the food I will be consuming, but impressed with how simple, accessible, affordable, effective and liberating a new healthcare regime can be!!

2020: Year of the Comeback – Come Alive!

“Don’t ask what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive.”

Howard Thurman

What makes you come live? Truly alive. Aliveness you anticipate, savor in the moment and feel such a sense of satisfaction when complete.

To be clear, I am asking about authentic aliveness, an experience you create with friends, family, nature, or a creation of some sort. I am not asking about the artificial variety where you watch someone else have those experiences, or you read about someone else coming alive, or even read about a situation that is calling for people to come alive around it.

This aliveness may be sustained or it may be fleeting, but whatever it is leaves you changed for the better. It is creating art? music? food? Is it tending a garden? A parent? Is it playing with your children? Grandchildren? Animals? How often do you come alive?

For us to be successful at making 2020 the year of the comeback, we MUST come alive. The following are some suggestions (just in time for New Year’s Resolutions) to do exactly that!


If you already know what it is, do more of it! Spend the time and effort to make aliveness part of your personal ‘program’ and work at it until it is self-replicating. If you truly need a boost, here are some suggestions:

  • Get a journal and begin writing and imagining what it might be for you.
  • Spend time in Nature, and totally attune to it. Find a tree and spend time sitting at its base. Become its friend.
  • Make a list of some of the funniest things in your life and laugh about them all over again.
  • Become a master at protecting chunks of time to develop your aliveness if it is a skill you want to learn or practice more. Become another master at finding the pockets of time for singing in the car, chatting with a clerk, or noticing beauty in nature.


Start with one entire day, and put away your cell phone and stay away from all forms of technology. While you do this, note the ‘pull’ from technology and know that it is designed to create the addiction within you. Your dependence is its life (more on Artificial Intelligence later) and your freedom is your life. You know this, right? This New Year, vow to go on a technology diet and reduce your dependence by 10%? 25%? 75%?


Just because we can’t see, hear, feel the electromagnetic impulses doesn’t mean they aren’t infectious and capable of causing physical ailments and disease. Yes, this is contrary to Big Telecomm’s official and defended position, but in my humble experience, this is where truth is usually found.

  • Do NOT keep your cell phone on your body or hold it to your ear while talking.
  • Find special ear buds that block the EMFs.
  • Use a landline.
  • Turn OFF and unplug electronics when not in use.
  • Use wired rather than wireless connections.
  • Research what independent scientists and health professionals are saying about EMFs as well as products that can help block.


Unfortunately, toxins are part of our everyday life. From the foods we eat, the liquids we drink, the plastics they come in, the air we breathe, the radiation and chemicals that surround us, the pills we take, the shots we get, it is a wonder we are still as healthy as we are!

My inspiration for dietary detox is Anthony William ‘The Medical Medium’. From him I have incorporated routine detoxes for the liver, heavy metals, plastics, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, chlorine, fluoride, cleaning solvents and radiation. They are all in the form of wonderfully tasting smoothies and teas. Feel free to find your own source, your body will appreciate everything you do to lighten its load!


Americans are a fraction of the population of the world yet we consume a significant amount of its resources. We can do better AND while we are, we can make our consumption a statement of our values.

  • Explore and experiment with all the ways to reduce consumption.
  • Shop local and keep our dollars in our community.
  • Pay cash or checks to increase the bottom line of our local businesses by avoiding the 2.5%-ish credit card fee. And make it harder for purchases to be tracked.
  • Intentionally research and boycott companies that do not support human values. If we ALL work hard at this, there is power in numbers and it all begins with us.

Hopefully there is something that inspires you to join me in 2020. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! May this year be the Year of our Aliveness!

Mother Nature Christmas Tree!

I regularly hike in the woods and in early December I noticed this tree that someone had de-limbed and was just laying in the woods. The memory of this tree stuck with me it was so out of place in the middle of the untouched woods. There had recently been a storm and as I walked I also noticed all the tree branches lying on the ground. And I had one of those ‘ah-ha’ moments!

I carried the tree to the trail head and began to collect all the broken tree limbs to take home as well. I drilled different sized holes all the way up the tree and assembled my Christmas tree. It took several trips to the woods to gather enough branches to fill all the right requirements and with the addition of moss and fungus and pine cones, viola! I have my 2019 Christmas tree!!

It was such a fun, creative, and satisfying project, I am going to keep my tree trunk for next year as well. During the summer, I plan to keep my eye open for wild weeds I can dry and make more ‘Nature’ ornaments.

I do realize this is posted after Christmas, but it is BEFORE all the trees are thrown away for the season… in case you are so inspired!