Six Proven Techniques to Balance Fear

It seems our whole life is a relationship with one thing or another. We are in relationship with people; our body; our emotions and our thoughts. We are in relationship with politics and our economy. We are in relationship with everything in our visible world as well as what lies beyond our visible world. SomeContinue reading “Six Proven Techniques to Balance Fear”

A Thoughtful Discussion of the Coronavirus

I believe there is a cycle of reaching wisdom that once understood can be beneficial in moving through challenges such as these. It begins with (1) ignorance. When I was a stockbroker, for most of the time I was ignorant of the way our financial markets actually worked. It wasn’t until I (2) gave myselfContinue reading “A Thoughtful Discussion of the Coronavirus”

It’s time to have the ‘Sex Talk’

Since we are adults, it is a much more productive time to have a meaningful conversation about sex than it was when we ‘had the talk’ from our parents and/or the mandatory course in school. What makes it meaningful is that we are all now experts of our own sexual experience. But we may stillContinue reading “It’s time to have the ‘Sex Talk’”

The Year of Our Comeback! Save the Bees (and Humans) with Shungite!

If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.” ~~Albert Einstein Several years ago, I was a novice beekeeper, nervously watching my bees as they landed on top of their hive. One bee in particular caught my eye and I moved closer to watch. ThisContinue reading “The Year of Our Comeback! Save the Bees (and Humans) with Shungite!”

The Year of the Comeback! Coming to balance with Super Bowl Sunday half time show

Since I have been a political activist on both sides of the political aisle, I have Facebook friends that encompass and express thoughts that fill the complete spectrum of the range of political and cultural thinking. While I am an observer and participant in our human experience as well, at the same time I amContinue reading “The Year of the Comeback! Coming to balance with Super Bowl Sunday half time show”