About Me

My name is Stacy Cossey and frankly, I am no one special. I am a mother, have been a wife and was a Financial Consultant for many years. I have been a Political Activist on both sides of the aisle. I have traveled the world with my daughter and backpack and traveled the country in my RV. But none of that describes the essence of what drives me today.

I am driven by something deep inside that knows there is a way out of the mess we have created in our world. I am driven to understand what the game is and how it is played, what are the effective tools and where are the traps. Because just like many others, I know there is a pathway out and I am committed to find it.

I am not one who subscribes to the notion that we will be rescued out of this mess. It is our mess and our responsibility. I am one who believes it is going to be work and it may at times seem impossible, but I know it is possible. We just can’t wait any longer.

Just so you know, I am not a prolific psychic. In fact, I don’t really consider myself psychic at all. I live my life and I bumble along and happen to find myself in the right place at the right time. Some of the time I get “Information From Beyond” that helps me but most of the time I have to gut it out myself.

This last prophecy I received is of such high importance that I cannot keep it to myself. There are specific understandings that will help us see the game and specific actions that we need to take. It is my desire to articulate this wisdom in such a way that it can be received with the goal of greater wisdom, empowerment and personal health.

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